exercise 2013: twelve and thirteen

Yes, I find this as tedious as you, but I continue because it is amazingly useful to look back upon.

Let’s get this over, brevity shall be my watchword!!

Tuesday (19/03): run

5.02km | 36:03


Thursday (21/03): run

5.00km | 37:10


Saturday (23/03): walk

6km home from optometrist


Sunday (24/03): run

6.00km | 43:28

========== ==========

Tuesday (26/03): run

5:72km | 42:51


Thursday (28/03): run

Was hit halfway through by horrible stomach cramps which meant I had to walk a bit.

5.30km | 38:35


Friday (29/03): run

Hit with insane stomach cramps again. Have narrowed it down to the water I drank mid-way on both days – the only times I’ve taken water.

5.85km | 40:44


Saturday (30/03): hike

11km(ish) hike around Mowbray Mangroves


Sunday (31/03): run

No water, no cramps! This is clearly something that needs to be rectified before I try running 14km, lest I collapse in a dessicated lump.

5.36km | 37:10


Until next week …

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