Impromptu luncheon with Dishy(ex)Boss yesterday, who was down from the country manor for the day. We’d not met up for, gosh, maybe 10 months and it was brilliant to catch up.

It has been almost a year since he left SML and is still not working, he is having such a fabulous time that he really doesn’t want to, though he is searching in a desultory kind of way. He pointed me in the direction of a job that he thought would be perfect for me (and truly, it could have been written for me), but I responded that if I ever managed to escape SML and considered working elsewhere within our very niche industry, I should immediately be forced back to therapy.

As we were leaving he said, “I still can’t believe how much weight you’ve lost, and your skin, it looks … I don’t want to saying “glowing”, but “shiny” is probably not right … ” Me: “Let’s go with “radiant””. Then we fell about laughing.

I really do miss him, not as a manager – because he was just dreadful and working for him was quite soul-destroying, but he is such a lovely man and we can talk and talk and talk for hours about all manner of things. I’m really quite lacking that at SML right now.

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