You’d not think that beneath this perfectly innocent and adorable face lies … a reckless thrill-seeker.


On Friday afternoon BabyKitty (not her real name) got into the (covered) bin, retrieved a large cooked chicken bone and proceeded to 1. get it caught in her throat and 2. choke.

Fortunately Bessie arrived and effected a rescue, despite BabyKitty’s extreme resistance.


On Saturday morning, BabyKitty was romping with NewKitty (not her real name) and bounded across the bed – leaving a sizeable scratch on my heel.



On Saturday evening while I was chatting to Joan on the phone and changing the sheets on our bed, BabyKitty hurled up what looked like a piece of tyvek. Everyone at a complete loss as to where she might have found it – because she is an indoor kitty and we can think of nothing similar in ThePalace(OfLove).

<no photograph of hurled tyvek>


Fortuntely today we have been hi-jinks free (well except for that early morning wee on the carpet), but I’m not holding my breath.

gratuitous adorable monster photo

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