exercise 2013: week six

I gave yoga a miss this week because I was pretty convinced it was the source of my aching knees. Unfortunately, despite my good intentions, I found no substitute exercise – though I did a bunch of housework including wiping down the 45 stairs and 6 bannister railings, so maybe that counts for something (who am I kidding?).

Joan recommended the thirty day shred as a killer workout and I plan to give that a bash next week. Must also investigate knee strengthening exercises for old ladies.

But the running, it still goes:

Tuesday (05/02): run

Hard going, but I did what I set out to do – moderate-to-good distance, got out there, no pressure.

4.36km | 31:29

I was immensely pleased with this effort.


Sunday (10/02): run

Can we say disaster?

It was already quite warm (mid-20s [oC]) when I set out just after 8am and had rapidly progressed to hot about half way through. I ran a total of about 4km. The running was interspersed by a couple of 50m walks before I sensibly called it quits and walked the remainder of the way home.

5.4km* | 45:26

I took this nifty water-bottle containment thingy with me, which was uncharacteristically wise (see aforementioned heat). Unfortunately I failed to latch the bottle in correctly after stopping to guzzle at traffic lights and it fell out and rolled in front of a car – fortunately the driver very kindly beeped to alert me and squishing was averted.

Things I have learned:

  • I do not run at all well in the heat and should avoid it
  • It is a VERY bad idea to run up a hill in full sun – confine self to shady side
  • Water is kind of heavy
  • A cup of coffee and half an orange is not adequate fuel
  • Ensure water bottle is contained within water bottle containment thingy
  • I think I am getting Don’s cold

I’m really surprised and pleased that my immediate reaction was to work out what I could do differently next time, rather than to agonise about failure. Yay! for beginning to let go of perfectionism!

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