foodz: 5 (italian braised pork)

I don’t even know where I am up to with this, but thankfully I have the handy-dandy food log as a prompt!

I think it was cold, rains-ish and horrid outside and we wanted something comforting, so we busted out the excellent women’s weekly: new casseroles and found this intriguing.

It was deliciously wonderful. Very simple, loads left for lunches and definitely will cook again! I’m not sure why we don’t tend to cook with fennel very much1, but after this I think we’ll seek out more fennelly recipes.

Carol: 4.5 kitties

Don: 4 kitties

Joe/Frank: 4 kitties


1As evidenced by our three unopened packets of expired fennel seeds which were tossed in the great spice culling of 2013.

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