exercise 2013: week five

Tuesday (29/01): run

After my astounding achievement on Sunday, I was a little disappointed with this outing. It was a struggle. I have realised that an after-SML run, particularly in the hot weather, really is Very Difficult.

3.47km | 24:57

But hey, not to get all sickeningly panglossian, I got out there.

I think until the weather becomes less wretchedly hot, I’ll be satisfied with with just “getting out there” after the agonies of a tedious day at SML and save the longer runs for the weekend.


Saturday (02/02): yoga

Solo yoga again and we were even more packed in than the fortnight before – so very squished up there was about 30 cm between mats. It is rather difficult to get into the zone when you’re worrying about someone’s foot in your face.

Hopefully the New Year’s Resolution resolution crowd will thin-out over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking I need something to alternate with the yoga because I’m finding it is complete and utter hell on my knees.


Sunday (03/02): run


6.70km | 49:43

How amazingly amazing! I never in my wildest dreams thought I could do this.

I must admit, I shed a little tear when I arrived home.

10km looks as though it might be a distance I can get to by June!

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