projects progress: january

I’m hoping to check in with myself at the end of each month to monitor my progress on the projects I’ve set this year. I’m thinking this will keep me on track a little better than my traditional “write list in January, be completely surprised at list contents in December” approach.

  1. film: one new film per fortnight
    NOT ACHIEVED: the painting and the golf commitments meant that there was little movie time available, so we missed one film – hoping to rectify soonish.

  2. foodz: one new recipe per week
    ACHIEVED: though I am a little behind in posting, we’re definitely adding many delicious items to the repertoire.

  3. da ‘hood: explore the neighbourhood once per month
    NOT ACHIEVED: while many parts of the neighbourhood have passed by in a blur when I’ve been running, I have not set out on a specific exploring expedition

  4. paint: 6 months to paint the interior of ThePalace(OfLove)
    ON TRACK: we’re well chuffed with our progress. And the white is so bright and lovely! Makes ThePalace(OfLove) so much nicer to be in – not, of course, that it wasn’t nice before.

  5. teev: watch something each week from the ridiculously extensive stash of video media
    ACHIEVED: still working our way slowly through Life on Mars (interrupted by a wee break for the tennis)

  6. projects: complete one project from my dabbler email per month
    NOT ACHIEVED: the January project was learning to knit, so I kind of had that one covered. I do intend to knit something before the next email is out (around 15 February)

  7. learnin: commence my manageress diploma (+ no dallying re assignments)
    NOT ACHIEVED: primarily because my course has yet to start! I am modifying this project to include being a better manageress in general – because while I am an individual super-star, my manageressing skills really need development and increased focus.

  8. exercise: twice a week. incidental exercise does not count
    ACHIEVED: consistent three times a week. And I managed a FIVE km run. I think I am the most pleased with the progress of project.

  9. thing: find my thing (the least SMART of all the projects)
    NOT ACHIEVED: I am no closer to the thing. I need to devote some quiet thinking time to considering my options.

  10. sobriety: a dry (at least) January
    ACHIEVED: well I did have that one bottle on 25 January, but that was because I have modified the project and am going for a whole 365 days! So far is trucking along nicely.

Clearly, I’ll need to renew my focus in February because I’m still wasting a whole lot of time with unsatisfying procrastinating (stupid, alluring InformationSuperhighway).

2 thoughts on “projects progress: january

    • Focussing on what I have managed to do is definitely better for my mental health!

      I’d be lying if I said I didn’t beat myself up a *little* for not doing everything that I had planned – but I’m much better than in the past, where I spent so much time and energy worrying about what I had not done, that I rarely acknowledged or was please with the things I actually did.

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