Bessie was exceptionally productive on the weekend, much to the detriment of our attempts at svelteness. She wanders into the kitchen and wanders out leaving delicious treats in her wake (and now even cleans up her mess). Older teenage children are pretty Ace!

chocolate + coconut macaroons

chocolate fondants

chocolate caramel shortbread

ZOMG! Too, too good!


She also effortlessly whipped up a pair of super-cute pyjama shorts from a length of dollhouse printed fabric I’d been holding on to since she was about 4 (which is why you should never, ever throw anything away)



This week I’ve been trying to Bessie as my example of productivity and have completed a couple of smallish sewing jobs which have been sitting about for a Good Long While, but will leave the tasty treats to her, lest we come to resemble smallish elephants even more than we currently do!

2 thoughts on “benchmarking

  1. I have about three metres of that exact fabric…using a square her and there…saving it for some craft with my own daughter. If i recall, I purchased mine at Lincraft in the mid 90s. Flashback. Thank you!

    • It was just so adorable that i could not resist (and Joan and Bessie were mad for dolls houses) – which is probably why it has survived all of the subsequent fabric purges.

      Definitely would have come from Lincraft in the early 90s – back when they had a much better selection of fabric (or perhaps that is nostalgia talking!).

      I suspect it might be the oldest piece of fabric I own!

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