exercise 2013: week four

Tuesday (22/01): run

While the oval is good on the old lady knees it is tremendously boring, so I decided to take it to the streets, the theory being that even if I ran less far and faced loads of hills, at least I would be entertained.

Clearly I work well with distractions, I ran further than I have in an age!

3.76km | 28:54

Looks like I will keep challenging my knees.


Saturday (26/01): yoga + walk

Don was playing early golf, so I was yoga-ing solo.

There was a stark contrast to the ridiculous crowds of last week and a distinct absence of naked old ladies! Lovely instructor was again, very hard on us – so very many downward dogs. I struggled a little, but perhaps that was the “last bottle of wine for a year” I’d drunk the night before?

While the lovely Don dropped me off before class, I walked the 3.84km home afterward, because I am just that good.

3.84km | 42:06


Sunday (27/01): run

I have just one thing to say: FIVE KILOMETRES!!!!!

5.09km | 38:29

The furthest I have ever run outdoors (which as we all know is infinitely more difficult than on the treadmill).

Suffice to say, I am pretty impressed with myself.

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