not really tweating: phase 2

As mentioned here, I’m trying to regain the health and the first step is monitoring my food intake. Already I know that while I barely eat during the day, I am wont to stuff my face with not-terribly healthy snacks / seconds (thirds) at dinner / dessert and all manner of bad things when I get home.

So I am attempting to scare myself straight by photographing everything (except water) that I consume. Primarily because I am terribly honest and because it did seem to work last time I tried it.

It might take me a while to get into the swing of things as you might note from the substitute photographs.

NotReallyTweating: 270812

  1. coffee
  2. coffee
  3. raspberry, strawberry + loganberry infusion
  4. raspberry, strawberry + loganberry infusion
  5. pasta bake
  6. flat white
  7. apple
  8. rose infusion
  9. slice cheese (chili pecorino) + 1 cracker
  10. rose infusion
  11. harissa lamb cutlets + cous cous + leaves

NotReallyTweating: 280812

  1. coffee
  2. sustain
  3. coffee
  4. raspberry, strawberry + loganberry infusion
  5. raspberry, strawberry + loganberry infusion
  6. flat white
  7. pasta bake
  8. wine
  9. wine
  10. wine
  11. wine (1/6 glass)
  12. bangers + mash
  13. peppermint tea (x2)

Navel-gazing in the extreme – you might want to look away for a while until I overcome this phase.

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