perhaps bleating is more appropriate

Yesterday I caught up with Wanna-be lawyer – for the first time in almost 8 years!

We’d reconnected via linkedin (so perfect for finding lost colleagues) and he happened to be in town for a meeting. It was just utterly wonderful to see him, to discover what he’d been up to and learn more about the radical things he was doing in the sector.

Made me realise how very insular I now am and that I should try to rectify that.


Meanwhile, in tedium…..

Bleating: 290812

  1. coffee
  2. sustain
  3. coffee
  4. raspberry, strawberry + loganberry infusion
  5. raspberry, strawberry + loganberry infusion
  6. vietnamese roll
  7. flat white
  8. flat white
  9. wine
  10. wine
  11. wine
  12. wine (1/5 glass)
  13. shepherds pie

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