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Holy!Goodness! Earlier this evening, I completed the first run (okay, shuffle) of the year and I am, as they say, rooted. But I did shuffle all the way around the usual route without stopping, which surprised me no end.

And I took my vitamins last night, and I ate a decent breakfast at home, rather than resorting to the occasional mid-morning apple at work as my first food of the day.

It is all about the baby-steps.


This morning we decided, all impromptu-like, that we’d go camping in the not-too-distant future. We’re super-jazzed at the prospect, even if it is just an overnight.

We’ve also decided that the Arabian-love-tent must go. At 18kg and with enormous bag to contain it, it is far, far too large for GerryScotti (and far to heavy for us to lug about a campsite with any sort of ease) and with it must also go the double stretcher – completely impractical (and also way too large).

I have no idea what the hell we were thinking.


I think both the tent and stretcher really have prevented us from getting out amongst it more, they are such a hassle to pack and take up so much room in the car that it became a major production and not the “hey, let’s pack the car and go” carefree getaways that we’d envisaged.

Lesson learned (and more money to spend!)


And I blogged!

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