if this is climate change, could we have some more?

Today has been the most revoltingly, disgustingly hot day of the year. This has made me reflect upon what a delightfully moderate, rainy summer we’ve had – possibly the best summer in my memory. Though I know many, many of you will disagree.

Clearly I am not made to live in a hot climate – though I am happy to visit them for the occasional week or two, as long as the air conditioning is plentiful.


Meanwhile, in craft …

I am all about the cable management, and most of the cords in the haus have been managed by being prettily wrapped in velcro cable ties or elastic bands. Unfortunately, velcro is rather dissatisfying – amongst its many unattractive qualities it is scratchy and sticks to everything it shouldn’t. Elastic bands are also not great, they tend to disintegrate when exposed to light/air for even a moderate length of time.

So I hit upon the idea of hair-ties for cable management, these did not disintegrate or stick to things, but they were a little difficult to remove, so not great for managing headphones or similar cables which require regular unwrapping.

Not sure what prompted that “ah ha” moment, but I thought it might be worthwhile trying to combine the hair-ties with my extensive collection of buttons.

$5.00 for a couple of packets of hair-ties and a whole lot of buttons later, we have dozens of:

It has been wildly successful!

Pretty much every possible cable in the haus is now successfully managed thusly. Even large bunches of cables can be managed by piggy-backing the ties. Velcro begone!


This week is possibly the most stressful, ridiculously busy week I will face at SML until the EOFY (though there may be leakage into next week).

I have very little time to think, and so I have realised that, though it would be an elegant solution, I am particularly terrible at keeping lists on my phone.

To manage this I acquired a very nice blank book today to keep in my giant-expensive-namesake bag to help me record my thoughts and the things I need to do.

I was prompted to write things down after attending a course last week where I became horrifyingly aware that I have extreme difficulty spelling when using pen and paper. How the hell could I misspell Buddha? How did this happen?

Anyway, the book, it is pretty and I have written things in it and crossed them out in a satisfying fashion after I have actioned1 them.


1Actioned: I know you love the word.

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