So that torrential rain we had today?

That was slightly less than the relentless rain we had on the first night of our last campering trip1.

Fortunately the tent now known as the Arabian-love-tent (formerly known as super-canvas-tent) managed to be (mostly – save for the occasional/frequent drip on our foreheads in the middle of the night) water-proof.

In sunnier times (post rain)

The Arabian-love-tent & double-stretcher (post rain).

We were thinking that we’d accept the challenge of Queen’s Birthday long weekend camping2, but then realised that we’d have the babies with us and would need 1. additional tent, and 2. one of those pod things for the roof of GerryScotti so we might fit everyone/everything in him.

Anyway, rain – is very wet. Camping – want to get out amongst it.

1I still bear the scars from the leech bites

2I very fondly recall camping in the mountains on the QBLW weekend when Joan was about 4. It was so cold that our cutlery and plates froze to the table and we had to crack around 1.5cm of ice from the windscreen. I have never been so cold in my life – this does not discourage me in the least.


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