¡olé olé olé!

Many years ago, when the babies were very small and the World Cup was on, we decided it would be fun to try to eat meals from one of the countries who were playing each evening. We did so in a kind of ad hoc way, had a lot of fun and discovered the firm family favourite – Kerry Apple Cake in the process.

The babies have very fond memories of that time, often reminiscing about it, and now have requested that we do the same thing for this World Cup.

Except now that they are older, have ever-so-slightly more sophisticated palates and we’re a wee bit more experimental, the challenge is a lot more … ermmm … challenging. This time there are complicated rules and charts. This time they have opinions and suggestions.

I know I was holding off on boring you all with those relentless food posts, but you’ll have to put up with the World Cup foodly interlude from next week.


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