relief. blessed relief.

Remember that $250 DJs voucher to celebrate 5 years of enslavement in Salt Mines Limited (the employer formerly known as Marie Celeste)? The one that I was planning to swap with Joan for her Myer voucher?

Joan decided not to swap – primarily because she had spent most of hers already. So I was stuck with it.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks: everyone at Salt Mines Limited was raving about the bargains to be had in The Sales, and, hoping inspiration would hit, I went back on Thursday. Inspiration didn’t hit. I just ended up stressed and anxious1.

Today, however, I managed to spend it all and more. How, you ask? Why on my lovely husband of course!

The lovely Don is fortunate in the extreme – every day is casual Friday at EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkersInc (he thinks it fortunate, I’d quite loathe it). As a consequence, he wears jeans quite a lot. On Friday, one of the pairs experienced an unfortunate crotchal-splitting accident and, what with winter and and the accompanyning comfort foods, another pair was becoming just a smidge tight, he was in the market for replacements.

So many bargains! So many jeans! In the face of all of this I told Don I would really quite like to gift him with my voucher because he is quite smashing and wonderful and all manner of other good things. (I’ll wait while you’re done with the gagging). We bought 3 pairs and a rather nice coat/jacket and could have bought more. If you’re a boy (Flashman? James?), you should totally get down there and take advantage.

And I cannot even convey the joy I felt at not having the pressure to spend anymore!

I’d planned, while we happened to be in the vicinity, after the DJs visit, to drop in to Lincraft who are having an awesome sale on Simplicity patterns. I wanted to stock up in the event that I lose my mind and decide to spontaneously sew something incredibly complex. But then, while walking down Market Street, I told Don that because he was quite smashing and wonderful and all manner of other good things, that I’d do it during the week and that we could go home. (okay, gag break).

We hit the homestead and I needed to dash out and pick up some dry-cleaning and return Bessie’s borrowings to the library. And make a wee visit to St Vinnies. All the fam have been culling various items and there is a large “Vinnies” bag located next to our front door – I drop as much as I can carry down to the charity bin when passing by. Because Don is quite smashing and wonderful and all manner of other good things, I did not make him come with me (gb).

By golly, I *heart* Vinnies. Last time I was there, I scored a Diane Von Furstenburg pure silk dress for $7.00 (OMGWTFBBQ!1!). The DvF was one of the garments I was collecting from the drycleaner today (needed to purge that gods-awful thrift store stench).

Today, I spent about an hour there. I firmly believe that because I was paying it forward (there were some really-quite-expensive items in my donation bag) The Universe rewarded me with 50% off everything!

I scored three quite excellent shirts, a Minette Walters book and an old-skool-monopoly set(!) all for $17. The complete set of monopoly was originally $5 – reduced to $2.50.

I was more thrilled with my Vinnies experience than I can express. I don’t know what it means, other than that I experience great joy in buying clothing for under $5 and just can’t take the pressure of buying things new and expensively.

Therapy? Why yes! That is why I went.

Anyway, shopping? Is fabulous! You just need to tailor the destination.

And GoodWife? I am she. I have finally realised that it is not necessarily optimal to drag my quite smashing and wonderful and all manner of other good things spouse along on every shopping expedition.

1Why does nothing fit me properly? Why does everything I try on have a frumpifying effect? Am I just a big dork with no taste? &etc.


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