no, she went of her own accord

Despite the reconstruction, we eventually become somewhat disgruntled with our couch. Watching television / movies en famille required most of us to laze about out on the floor. And if one wanted to stretch out and sleep on the couch? Forget it.

Around 6 weeks ago, much to our horror, we became entranced by a television advertisement for a leather lounge sale and verily, we visited the store and purchased one. A red1 one. As the salesman said, “bold”.

After a not inconsiderable wait, yeserday, the fabulous new red couch was delivered!

Hmmm … that painting above it now needs lowering

It has roughly similar footprint to the old couch, but much to our delight, all four of us can fit on it with ample wriggle room.

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2 thoughts on “no, she went of her own accord

  1. The leather is fabulous! Smells marvellously wonderful and when Don splashed wine on it, it simply wiped off with no trace. Perfect for our highly klutzy lifestyle.

    I am not sure if I’ve mentioned it previously, but I scored the gorgeous big new couch (that we’d owned for less than a month – it took about 10 weeks to deliver) after the split with Fenton – unfortunately it would not fit the loungeroom in this flat at all – so, was sadly consigned to the garage under dust covers for about 3 years, after which I figured we were not going to move any time soon and sold it to Heather for a bargain price.

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