can we build it?

Since Don recently commenced post-grad studies in higher dorkage, the dining table and the couch were proving to be really not the optimal study environments, thus we were searching for a double desk. We figured we’d have to get a much smaller couch and live in squash-age until we could bear it no longer and had to move.

Then I came across the image below on apartment therapy and I knew the problems were solved!

I immediately emailed Don: maybe we need a long / shared desk in front of the window and should move everything else along toward the dining area (of course if would mean that we would still need a new couch)

Of course we could not do the replace the window-sill with an awesome (and spectacularly expensive) piece of gorgeous wood, but it was a great jumping off point for what we could do on a shoe-string budget!

Wood obtained


We decided that we would have to live with the couch sans chaise for a while, until we could find a spectacularly expensive replacement couch. But the more I looked at it (in the space of about 3 hours), the more repelled I became.

just. no.

for comparison: with chaise (10,006 times less stupid-looking)

But there was nowhere and no way that everything would fit and there was no way we were in any position to spend > $5K on a couch.

So I looked at the chaise, which had been relegated to the deck and I pondered. And I realised that, with sufficient cunning, I could probably attach the arm from the chaise to the couch section.

So many staples

Chaise arm

80-billion staples and four nuts and bolts later and ridiculous couch crisis averted! Truly – there are no madder skillz than mine!

Meanwhile, Don was getting on with the desk …

Pretty stellar for just rocking up to the hardware store with just measurements and no plans! Admittedly, we did have to visit the next day to acquire some additional supplies – but by golly! This is the Best Desk Ever!

Artwork has been rearranged and deskal storage and other essentials acquired:

And we’re just waiting on the delivery of the marvellous desk chairs before the final reveal!

It has been a quite fun project where we have once again proved that we are more brilliant than I could ever describe and I just adore my view (which I’ll share when there is less glare from the window).


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