no shoes

Had loads of energy and enthusiasm today which I am totally putting down to 1. the relief at finally escaping the soul-destroying clutches of DishyBoss, micro-manager extraordinaire; and, 2. yoga and walking to work (stupid exercise and its mood-improving qualities, if only lazing about had the same effect).

So decided I’d spend the day in the kitchen making:

A large batch of red beans (sans rice) for the freezer stash (not pictured).

Cinnamon jam drops
A first effort. Really rather nice and not too sweet. Destined to accompany our evening cups of tea.

Jam Doughnut Muffins
A Joe/Frank request for lunchbox snacks. Bought these wee muffin tins and liners in Hell (ikea). I love how they look like wee mushrooms!
Unfortunately the tins are Very Difficult to fill, so bought some piping bags at Essential Ingredient in an attempt to make it easier. Is now much easier, though now need mucho practice at filling piping bags.

Prepping strawberries for the fabulous (and much missed) kitschenette‘s most excellent and wonderful (black/straw/any) berry yoghurt cake. In trying to find a link, I realised I’ve been regularly making this since 2004! There is good reason for this and you should totally add it to your repertoire!

It has been a good long time since I’ve cooked so many things in a single day and I really adored it, but holy goodness! after all that standing I’m convinced that we very definitely need an anti-fatigue mat!

Don has now taken over and is making choucroute garnie for dinner (and many, many lunches).

2 thoughts on “no shoes

  1. I still make her zopf and tomato tart and more things than I can remember. Thanks for relinking to her and love your new blog

  2. helloooo!!! and thank you!

    Her apple pie of death was also marvellous, must now go and trawl through her archives in search of that tart and other goodies.

    I wonder what she is up to these days. Whatever it is, I am sure it is fabulous (and involves many delicious things!).

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