Long-time readers will recall that a couple of years ago Don and I were regular yoga attendees. Unfortunately, though I love her to bits and think she is completely marvellous, MrsDrBob was a bit of a super-competitive-high-achieving-yoga-nazi and so, after Don sustained an injury, we stopped attending her class and life went on. Don continued with much less competitive lunchtime yoga at EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkers and I focussed on gymming.

And then we stopped and became fatties.

Don has shed mucho chub by changing employers – he’s not really any other option than to walk to TheBrewery every day. And, as we all know, what with The Operation and then The Foot Leprosy I’ve become twice the woman I used to be.

And so there have been efforts to get back to Health and one of those was to give yoga another bash. Fortunately, living in hippytown 2037, there are a good deal of yoga options. We chose life and balance mainly because they were a 15 minute walk away and have a 2 week free trial, where you can attend as many classes as you like.

We’ve been to Monday and Saturday classes for the past two weeks and ZOMG! I totally adore it. I love being the total swat who works to her ability and doesn’t need correcting, rather than handstand! headstand! splits! bridge! push! ouch!

We’re ponying up the cash for 3 months more and I’m keen to also try the Wednesday candlelight(!)1 and Sunday classes as I ease back into practice.

But, even if I stay as tubby as I currently am, already I feel so much more relaxed and calm that it will be worth it.

1Totally channelling my inner DFH (Dirty … Hippy)

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