you’re sure it isn’t leprosy

On my way home after my changed hours1 this afternoon, I popped in to see SuperHappyFunGP for another foot zapping.

Unable to bear anything else against my pauvre foot, I’ve been wearing my well-padded runners (with vibrant pink laces) all week and let us just say that matching them with any sort of outfit is problematic. I cannot count how many comments/mockery I’ve received regarding my footwear during the week (is amazing the straws at colleagues will grasp for kitchen conversation) … then we have to go into the whole plagued foot thing – ewwww.

Though having no issues when SHFGP was using the scalpel to hack away at a good deal of skin from my foot, I was in such untold agony when he barely laid pressure on the ball of my foot that he was utterly intrigued and declared “this is so weird” and “there is this unusual condition called morton’s neuroma, I think you may have it”.

SHFGP’s very weighty dermatology book did not contain any reference to morton’s neuroma2, and I was pleased to see that he, a proper doctor and all, resorted to researching the condition via the InformationSuperHighway. And there it was! Matched my agony a good deal. SHFGP was pretty excited at his first possible case.

So now I have a referral to a dermatologist (appointment next Friday) to hopefully deal with the excruciating pain I feel upon walking/standing.

SHFGP felt confident though, that in addition to the mortion’s neuroma, I totally have psoriasis. After me claiming that there was NoWay that I was so afflicted last visit (apart from the a small poxy spot mid-foot, I had no symptoms – no itching, no pox on forehead or elbows), over the past 10 days the spots became worse and the itching commenced and he was happy to prescribe me some cream and I railed against the injustice of it all and curse my left foot.

Verily, the body is falling apart.

1the subject of a future post
2He may be a nutcase, but seriously, how could you have random rare conditions in your head? My admiration for doctors increased a hundredfold!


2 thoughts on “you’re sure it isn’t leprosy

  1. that sounds terrible, awful, yuckity, ouchies…I do hope the solution is available to you next Friday. And then, that's enough with the medical fraternity for a while. You've had your share. xx

  2. I feel I need to be guzzling vitamins or similar, this ill health is becoming pretty tiresome!

    For the first time ever (thanks to my litany of issues) we exceeded the medicare threshold last calendar year – which seemed exciting until was worked out what the out of pocket expenses must have been to get to that point.

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