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Before I received my shiny SaltMinesLimted iTelephone, I had become a little disgruntled with Baby HTC and, much to my disgust, was briefly considering a return to the darkside for personal phone use.

After about 10 minutes with iTelephone I was reminded of its 3xtr3m3 limitations (though is delightful to have SaltMinesLimited email/calendar hooked up – can deal with pesky email &etc during those endless and interminable meetings. And also to know what meeting I should be in next) and discovered that baby HTC had an FM radio!1

Now the walk to work1 is blissful, accompanied by fbi radio, which I totally adore – moar new music, less of the mainstream, bogan garbage which has become the hallmark of triplej and which came to make me completely hate radio and music.

So yay! And no more apple for me (though if the SaltMinesLimited was to hand me a iPad, I would probably not complain too much).

1Yes! After about 14 months, I have resumed walking to work! Is an essential component in the clawing-back health and de-fattening project.

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