Who could have imagined that the disgruntled girly who started at SaltMinesLimited as the admin chick and planned to escape as soon as she could, would, almost seven years later, have found a husband, almost tripled her (admittedly very, very meagre) salary and now has the senior financial accountant reporting to her?

Certainly not me, but here I am – with underlings! And, as MrT (nuBoss) informed me on Friday, being groomed for Senior Management (wut?!).

Meanwhile, much stuff has been going down at the SaltMinesLimited.

DishyBoss has not dealt terribly well with his effective demotion. Which is quite understandable, but it has had the effect of putting rather a great deal of pressure on AnxiousMum and me to pick up the (very, very considerable) slack. This has meant that I have needed to take over a couple of projects he has dropped the ball on. Really, I should have been picking up his extreme slack by working this weekend, but when it all came down to it, I could not bring myself to do it. Tomorrow is destined to be hellish.

After a good deal of consideration, I’ve now made a pact with myself that I will not ever work on weekends – climbing the greasy pole and stellar rise to the top be damned.

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