six years

Unkind people may refer to it as the six-year-jumper, but really, it has only been two and a bit.

The knitting bag of Avoidance

I go through phases with this project where I knit madly, make great progress and then become stymied/intimidated. It took a good deal of time to overcome the scary vee-neck, which I eventually did with very pleasing results, only to become overwhelmed by the sleeves – which I have made WAY, WAY too long (Bessie commented that they could be pants) and need to rip back and re-start at the arm-hole decreases. I’m now rather frightened that I may run out of wool, hence the current avoidance, because there is no more of this wool to be found anywhere.

The pleasing vee-neck

Many, many months ago now, during my most recent period of procrastination I did a good deal of the tiresome weaving in, so all that will remain after completing the sleeves (in 2013 at current rate of avoidance) is the sewing together and blocking. Or is that the blocking and then sewing together? Argh! Resolving that little conundrum should round out those six years quite nicely.

Verily, as The Universe is my witness, I will never knit an adult jumper again and will henceforth confine any yarnly activities to cunning hats/scarves.

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