how carol got (or at least attempted to get) her groove back

I’ve been wailing and bemoaning my lack of craft mojo for a very long time, as long-time readers have well and truly suffered through. I’m inclined to blame some of it on the giving up smoking – really does dull the creativity – if you don’t believe me, believe this much more articulate account of the lack of creativity that comes with giving up smoking.

After challenging Don to decide upon 3 things he would like to achieve this long weekend (much to my horror, I did say “achieve” – way too work-speak for a weekend [or at all]!), I decided I’d better take a good, hard look at myself and FORCE myself to make things. Of course this involved the expenditure of a great deal of $.

I’m making Don a jumper (it’s a very simple pattern)! And myself a skirt (see gorgeous fabric which reminds me of a cordurory pinafore I had when I was six)! And some hats – for everyone!

Lincraft now have this awesome thing where they provide you with a print out of the care instructions for your fabric! This certainly didn’t happen 12 months ago. So yay to them! Of course, I’ll probably ignore it and wash it on warm.

My tension gauge for the Don jumper – constructed while watching Silent Witness. And I have perfect tension – woo!

What I really want to knit is this, but I’ve never cabled before, so unsure whether I have the skillz to cut it.

We’ll also spend the long weekend by cleaning out the pantry. I’ve done my part by eating those kinder surprise choccies.


2 thoughts on “how carol got (or at least attempted to get) her groove back

  1. Do NOT be intimidated by cable, it is incredibly easy once you learn how to jusggle your needles and the cable in that pattern is the easiest!
    I am very impressed by your craft-ness!

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