stuffing our faces: w/c 290509 and 050609

This is entirely for my benefit, so do feel free to ignore! I find the blog so useful for remembering what I did and when. The brain is utterly not helpful in this regard, must have been all those drugs I did at the turn of the century.

So, a new series: what we’ve been eatin (our eating weeks commence on a Friday, shopping night generally being Thursday) …

The Don and Carol (and babies) Menu: week commencing 29 May 2009

Friday: Take away pizza (mexicana and salami and mushroom) from Perry’s
Saturday: Harira (from Women’s Weekly: The Weekend Cook
Sunday: Kung Pao Chicken + Bessie pancakes for brekkie
Monday: Nige’s Pork Chops, Mustard Sauce
Tuesday: Lamb Tikka Masala (thanks Pataks!)
Wednesday: Burritos (thanks Old El Paso!)
Thursday: Pasta Sauce with Lamb Chops and orecchiette

The Don and Carol Menu: week commencing 5 June 2009

Friday: Nige’s Roast Chicken wings with lemon and cracked pepper – and baby spinach
Saturday: Roast Beast (standing rib roast) with potatoes roasted in duck fat and baby spinach with mustard vinaigrette
Sunday: Beef Burgandy Pie (in reality Beef cab sav pie) with snow peas – from the fab Pies: Sweet and Savoury (Bay Books)
Monday: Orecchiette pasta with slow cooked lamb sugo (known as lamb neck in the Don and Carol haus – now with extra oesophagus) – from Don’s Meat book
Tuesday: Spaghetti Bolognaise (of my own invention)1
Wednesday: Cheong Liew’s Braised Pork Belly (from the lovely Jennifer McLagan’s fat1)
Thursday: Steak – with … ermmm … stuff! 1

And just to prove that I’m not randomly grabbing things from recipe books and pretending that we’re eating them:

Hearts! It’s not a Carol pie unless it is covered in hearts

Currently cooking and smells divine.

1subject to rearrangement

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