tedious weekend images

Warning: image-heavy post. The lovely HB should be well pleased, as it’s the weekend and she can see them.

There appeared to be a terrible beanbag accident on Glebe Point Road last evening, the remnants came all down our street and two blocks in either direction:

No, it’s not snow

We have a list! We’re idly getting things done this weekend. Emphasis on idly.

Broke out the expensive Italian wedding wine (giftage from the colleagues) last night to accompany the roast beast (tasted like a verdelho – the wine, not the beast).

Made a hat last night, still unsure about whether it is too large or not

I think it is a little roomy at the brim, but then, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

Hair is much blonder than the photgraphy would suggest.

Hat is quite warming – think I will leave it as is.

Fabulous MCM wine label. I think this kiwi winery is trying to get all DOC with a little serial no. &etc

Random pretty mistake picture from iphone

And now, to bed!


9 thoughts on “tedious weekend images

  1. you're ugly and weird and sooo incredibly lame it's unreal. good luck to you KAREN baby, seriously, you must know how sad and pathetic your
    'friends' think you are, yeah? reap… sow.. good luck beeyatch.

  2. Doofus! Yes, I require your soul and first born (or Finny).

    You can have the whole series, original sie (not that is particularly large, given that it is iphone!). If the links don't work, give me a shout.




    I think #2 is my fave.

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