i ain’t got no alibi

Making yet another hat, because they are totally fun and quick. And once you get into the groove, you can really see the methodology of the crocheted hat.

Pink hat. Bessie knitted a really sweet neck warmer last year and this is the leftover wool1.
Yes, I am wearing white linen pants. Shut up.
Also, I look totally hott in them.

I joined Ravelry! While I am totally fickle in the yarn arts (confined to simple, winter projects), I’m finding some fabulous patterns. If you’re there, friend me! I’m carolbaby. Harriet?

Making short work of that long weekend list!

Don cleaned the pantry, like the fabulously adorable husband he is.

from this

to this (about half of what was in there)

to this (might not look it, but so, so, so much betterer and neater!)

Left on the list?
Sort papers (that’s another Don job)
Skirt pattern (that means stick about 28 A4 pages together – that would be my job).

Gah! Is it really work tomorrow? Noooooo.

1Damn, not enough wool – will have to add a large bit of white/cream to the bottom.

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