It’s been a while since I’ve had a crazy frugal tips post.

This one, while nowhere near the giddy heights of watering down your milk, or praying to God for tips, comes from via Re-nest. As an aside, I’d have to say Re-nest is wearing a little thin with me, of late a substantial amount of their content has really quite tenuous links to green/recycling and that editorial “we” thing is becoming really grating1 (particularly when they use “our husband” in posts and they don’t even appear to be polygamists).

But I digress, crazy frugal tips:

Ways to reuse your yoga mat!

1. Use cookie cutters to cut the mat into holiday ornaments.

The humanity.

1Harriet will be amused by this, for reasons much too complicated to go into.

4 thoughts on “spongey

  1. Ha – every time you mention frugal tips I think of the dishwashing-liquid-in-the-soap-dispenser tip and the wierd rash!

  2. Perhaps you can road test this fabulous new craft on Peppermint Crisp!

    I'm sure with some sparkle they'd look quite … errr … completely unlike cut-up yoga mat!

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