My iphone contract expired on 7 April and I was keen to move to a less expensive phone plan.

I took the opportunity to save $35 per month (!), get a new (free) handset and extricate myself from teh evil apple1.

I was dead-keen on Donaldo’s HTC Desire HD (also possessed by two of my favourite Imaginary Internet Friends) but unfortunately my current provider does not offer it – and there was no way I was moving to Vodafone.

Behold the HTC Aria – which I think is pretty rocking:

And tiny!

And takes lovely pictures:

Am still working out the intricacies of it, but am so glad to be no longer in thrall to itunes. Yay for organising my own music (though I need to remember exactly how to do that)!

1straight into the hands of teh evil google.


2 thoughts on “shiny

  1. What with all of the non-removable (unless I flash the ROM – eeeek) Optus branding/apps all over the aria, I rather wish i'd gone the eBay route too – though of course then it would not have been free!

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