what about my ……. corsican?

I’m sure you will all1 be relieved to hear that although super-shiny television is dead, a mere $50 investment has ensured we are able to access essential television.

Yay for the Gadget Geek USB TV Tuner2 from Dick Smith which has enabled Eurovision!3 4


Paradise Oscar!

We were forced to trek out to Granville (and what an endless trek it was – highlighted by utterly horrendous traffic) on Saturday morning to drop super-shiny off at the Samsung service centre. It will be at least a week until he is repaired and then we will repeat aforesaid trek to collect him.

On the way home from Granville we braved the always utterly horrendous Inner West traffic and stopped by the Essential Ingredient and, amongst other things, picked ourselves up The! Most! Awesome! Oven! Gloves! Ever!


Holy Goodness! So superior to anything I’ve used before! Do yourself a favour &etc!

Luckily after super-shiny broke, I was able to repair to my computer to continue the Hart to Hart goodness. And verily, thanks to Jonathan and Jennifer, the Mom blanket was finally completed:

Now all wrapped and waiting for posting with a couple of snaps and some L’Occitane hand creme.

1 Well, all of you except for rickybollinger, who is more concerned with the length of my penis and performance of same.

2 Totally does what it says on the box. Highly Recommended! A++, as they say on teh eBay.

3 Anyone else seeing that pulsating heart as a giant, scary epiglottis?

4 Despite my best efforts, I unfortunately found out the winner before the broadcast (screw you, smh).


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