Really, it was naive at best to think that an intensive programme of muffin baking was going to solve my mental health issues.

There have been a good many muffins, and things were a good deal better for a while (though through lack of vigilance I found myself drifting into the old, bad habits). Unfortunately the underlying crazy was just waiting for a chance to bust out.

Far, far, far too much wine was consumed last evening, a stupid, stupid (stupid) argument where very loud harsh words were exchanged ensued, followed by yet another breakdown by yours truly. Once again, it was bad.

This morning (after we first apologised to the sprogs for them having to hear it all) I picked up the telephone and made an appointment to see SuperHappyFunGP on Tuesday afternoon.

I need a new referral to the shrink – stat – to sort this out.

While I can identify what the triggers are – hormones and too much alcohol being the two biggest – being able to identify what causes this and preventing my reactions are very different things indeed. I need some tools to help me manage. In the interim I’m hoping to introduce things I know will help, first of which is avoiding the over-consumption of wine.


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  1. Douglas Adams once said (words to the effect of) It is a mistake to think you can solve large problems just with potatoes. Substitute muffins for Carol, but don't dismiss the value and power of a muffin and what it represents – nurturing, nourishment, working with one's hands, satisfaction from creating something. Any shrink-age can only be enhanced by muffins. Hugs – Prudence

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