Yesterday was completely and utterly hellishly vile, so I was very pleased that I had previously organised to have today off.

I do enjoy these random mid-week days where I am free from SaltMinesLimited enslavement. I had a facial1 organised for the afternoon, and a good deal of sloth planned for the morning – that was until last evening when Don was dragged off to the ballet(!) and I worked very late and Joe/Frank had yet another assignment left to the last minute and so grocery shopping fell by the wayside.

I shopped today and along with all the extreme bargain weekendly clothing items (yay $19 jeans!) I acquired for myself, there were the groceries and more groceries.

I’m not entirely certain how I am going to fit these plastic bags full of meat (currently stored in the refrigerator)

into this rather small freezer?

I foresee a good deal of cunning (or salmonella) in our future.

1DishyBoss et al had gifted me with a voucher for a beauty treatment after my surgery in September and shamefully I still hadn’t redeemed it by March and time was running out. I had not been for a facial in, like, forever, so decided to chose that. Am now a convert to regular visits. And am so soft and glowy!


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