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Everyone I’ve cast through the wringer in the past few days, vis my decision to take on the new role and who is aware of the ghastliness and micromanagemently-ness which is working for DishyBoss has asked why the goodness I am even dithering about it.

The most excellent Joan pointed out: slackerdness and a new focus on crafting muffins isn’t really a viable career choice. Adored Heather commented: everyone needs Finance. Beloved ex-cube-neighbour noted: working for DishyBoss is simply and utterly beyond terrible.

Just why am I dithering? I know not (save for sloth and me comfort zone).

It is at times like these I desperately need a mentor / life coach. Verily, I’d be willing to throw lots of cash at the problem.

Does anyone have a mentor?

How has it worked out for you?


2 thoughts on “immobile forehead

  1. I'll mentor you on this one. If the CFO is offering you a job, invented for you, take it. It means your talents are recognised and whether Dishy Boss goes or not, you will get get more opportunities. From our brief acquaintance, I would vouch for your heaps of competence looking for a role which shows what you can really do. Don't hesitate!

  2. If I am going to listen to anyone about my career, it is totally you! Thank you for this most excellent advice, I totally actioned it.

    Though in the usual SaltMinesLimited manner, things quickly became ridiculously and unnecessarily complicated – which I'll post about tomorrow. I was going to say “I'll post about when there is an actual conclusion” but that could be months away.

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