2011: day 006 (th) piri-piri chicken drumettes with zucchini fritters | 060111

Busted out the freebie cookbook once again at the behest of Joe/Frank.

Piri-piri chicken drumettes with zucchini fritters from Ed Halmagyi: Dinner in 10 (p.106)

Truly, this book is a travesty. We’re all pretty experienced cooks and the whole 10 minutes schtick is utterly ridiculous and spoils what could be quite a good book.

Nonetheless, taste-wise it was really very lovely. But if we’d want to have it again, we’d need to re-write the whole method, or anything else in the book.


(photo obviously went out in sympathy too!)

Cooked by: Bessie and Joe/Frank and Don and Carol


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