2011: not resolutions – carol

My list of not-resolutions was always going to be rather longer than everyone else’s

  1. More Blog
  2. Less Twitter
  3. Achieve saving goal
  4. Claw back my health / Lose that pesky 5-10 kg / fit into my clothes
    • No more second (or third!) helpings at dinner
    • More walking home from work
    • More eating proper meals
    • Less snacking on junk
    • Take vitamins regularly
  5. Make at least 2 camping trips
  6. Spend more time on self-maintenance / grooming / pampering
  7. Keep up the diversity in all things cooking
  8. Add a few more non-meat meals into the rotation
  9. Take more of our own food to the footy
  10. Change work hours (again!) for more time away from the ghastly SaltMinesLimited
  11. Stress less about the SaltMinesLimited. Accept that I’ll be there for another year at least because there is no way I’ll find the flexibility elsewhere
  12. Procrastinate less
  13. Act more like a lady
  14. More projects / less computer
  15. Let go of perfectionism
  16. Complete Don’s accursed jumper!

5 thoughts on “2011: not resolutions – carol

  1. Curious, I think it is simply that they rather like to see themselves mentioned on the blog (but also could be my advanced nagging abilities – we'll see if those 10 year goals are delivered).

    Prudence, yes I could see how they might be, but my intention was more focussed on Lady as well-behaved (less gossipy, less slothful, less drunkardl &etc) and poised and calm than perfectly perfect.

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