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  1. But how does the goose feel?

    This saga reminded me of our Christmas in Italy where I had determined to cook duck. I trekked into various butchers in various picturesque Italian villages demanding, as it turned out, “Where is a duck?”. Eventually we got something which we were assured was NOT a duck, but which looked like a duck, had feet (and a head! ick) like a duck, but apparently – not. So we had Stephanie Alexander's Small Anonymous Waterfowl for Christmas lunch.

  2. Jano! Might your adoring fans hope for a Christmas / New Year blog update? The boys must surely be ready to head off to University by now đŸ˜‰

    The goose will no doubt be thrilled to be lovingly prepared and consumed by people with such fine taste and discernment!

    Several colleagues suggested that in the absence of goose from the butcher, that we take ourselves off to Centennial Park and obtain a goose on our own. Fortunately Brian the Butcher came through (though he could sell me any anon waterfowl and I would really be none the wiser!)

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