like sunday morning

Though the goose is still unnamed (we’ll decide upon nomenclature once we have him in our cold, dead hands) we’ve settled upon method and accompaniments. We’ll be following Nigella’s Goose stuffed with mashed potato recipe from Feast (p.18) accompanied by Potatoes roasted in Goose Fat (when too much potato is barely enough), Green Beans with Lemon and Sauerkraut with baked apples.

I now need to caucus with Joan re: the pre-lunch nibblies, lest we all get hammered on peach bellinis and need a nap or two.

Acquired gifts for TeamCareerDeath today. DishyBoss give us vino, AnxiousMum gave us Haighs. In attempt to be unconventional and superior and thoughtful (quelle surprise!) I settled on a theme of “hands”: Badger Balm for DishyBoss (who is a mad keen gardener) and Burt’s Bees manicure packs for AnxiousMum and Minion. I would be delighted if I received same, which is mostly my criteria for gift giving. Also, I feel unconventional and superior and thoughtful.

Only a fraction of Mom’s pressie to go. She desires photographs of us (but we so don’t take happy snaps of ourselves!)

Have I mentioned how I adore the buying one large and expensive combined christmas/birthday gift for Joan and The Babies? I do so heart having adult and teenage childrens.

And my beloved husband adores his hideously expensive christmas gift. Because of Reasons(TMthe fabulous Third Cat) last year’s gift of a cheese-making course at CSU did not occur, I made it up this year with a gorgeous, candy-apple-red, shiny electric guitar – which he adores & which I had hoped to buy him on our first Christmas together, but alas, we were too impoverished for such trifles.

Truly, I think this is the easiest Christmas ever (except for pauvre Joan, who has yet to find the ideal mid century modern dressing table – maybe we can buy her a ranga kitty of her very own as a consolation gift)!


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