almost compleat

The Christmas prep slowly drags itself forward.


  • Belatedly tried to obtain goose. Butcher said they were very hard to find, but he would try and call me back. He did not call me back.
  • Purchased annual Xmas treats from DJs for Grandfather and Maiden Aunt


  • Ferried Joan to the ever-ghastly Ikea. The dressing table we were planning to buy her was v. expensive, horrid In Real Life and Poor Quality, so we gave it a miss. In addition, they did not have one of the components for the desk she wants, so we’ll be making a return trip. Now undecided as to her pressie .


  • Made awesome tote from fabric found on street a couple of years ago and net-a-porter ribbon (is lined with black twill & reversible) to contain Grandfather + Maiden Aunt’s DJs treats. Must package & pay exhorbitant amount for express post. Must make similar tote for self.

  • Mostly decided non-goose Xmas menu with Joan – duck (in goose-style) + chicken. We’ll do chicken in kettle BBQ and duck in oven. We’ll be starting with peach bellinis, but still need to decide on canapes and accompaniments.
  • Much pleased that there are minimal gifts remaining, would be surprised if they took 30 mins to obtain. The Post Office will be the biggest challenge (that and finding pix to have printed for Mom – difficult when we tend not to take photographs of ourselves).


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