It’s no secret that I delight in bad novels, the more preposterous the better (hence my complete and utter devotion to the later works of Mr Cussler).

You may recall that while accumulating library books to see me through my surgery recovery, I discovered the hitherto unknown crafting genre of mystery/crime/murder novels. They were terribly light and fluffy and one was also terribly terrible.

Now that I have the super-fantastic kindle, I spent a little time yesterday afternoon acquiring material to read over the hols and decided to revisit the entire genre. And Oh My! There are far more fluffy crafting/special-interest mystery/crime/murder series with pun-tastic titles set in idyllic country towns with a protagonist who either owns or is affiliated with some form of crafty small business than I could ever have imagined!

There are loads of different knitting series, sewing, quilting, embroidery, soap-making, baking,farmer’s market and truly, surely the most niche of all: historic home flipping (aka haunted home repair)!

You can guess what categories these end up in.

What I really should spend my Xmas break doing is prepping/refreshing for a week-long course I’ll be attending with The Professor and a couple of other minions from TheSaltMinesLimited in mid-January.

The course outline contains such gems as: “Extending logistic regression to the multinomial case — multinom() in the nnet package, mlogit() in the mlogit package and (now set in a Bayesian framework) lda() in the MASS package”. There are a lot of prep exercises and I’ll also need a stats refresher before I attend. TeamCareerDeath and DishyBoss’s uber micro-mangement style has really atrophied my brain.


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