I don’t know what has been happening over the past week, but it has been mucho exhausting and I have had little inclination for bloggering.

Last Friday saw the SaltMinesLimited Christmas party, which was held in a quite wonderful venue and we enjoyed some marvellous food and company. Unfortunately the bottomless glasses of wine (we later estimated 5 bottles between 4 of us before the main was served, and probably the same amount afterward – and let us not mention the post-lunch drinkies) got the better of me.

Be safe, fellow drunkards!

And while I arrived home safe and sound (while the sun was still up!) I was rather unwell indeed and threw up on the bathmat.

This lead me to thinking quite a very good deal indeed – and honestly, I really am too old to be doing that sort of thing (as the ever-sensible Joan commented, ” … you’re 43 years old!”).

Yes, it is time to act like an adult! Or a lady!

And so it came to be that the only alcohol I consumed in the past week was a solitary glass of wine at the Team CareerDeath lunch, while DishyBoss, AnxiousMum and Minion shared three bottles (and then AnxiousMum and Minion shared an additional two bottles after DishyBoss left). I am super-pleased with my ability to resist the incessant naggings of my colleagues for “just another small glass”, “go on, it won’t hurt”.

Being the only sober one was quite eye-opening. While I am not a shouty, harranging drunk like AnxiousMum (I am more the life-of-the-party, “i love you, man”, load-up-everyone-with-compliments sort), I am pretty sure I don’t want to be so hammered ever again and have big plans to ease off on the alcohol consumption. This will be number 1 on the not resolutions list for 2011.

Though tonight, being Friday, I have enjoyed a couple of glasses of the (rather underwhelmning) wine which DishyBoss gifted the team for Christmas. But I am being eminently sensible about it.


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