While I really enjoy working from home three afternoons a week, I find that it has an effect that I really did not anticipate: I’m working much longer hours than I really should.

There’s very much a nudge, nudge, wink, wink “oh yeah, working from home” segment of the SaltMinesLimited and I know the CEO is not very on board that train (it was a shock to all when I received approval), so I feel very much the need to prove myself. Often I’ll be beavering away at a spreadsheet and look up and it will be 7.30pm. Unfortunately, I’m mostly working through lunch too because things are rather crazy-busy for me at present.

All this would be well and good if there was a culture of this sort of thing at the SaltMines, but there isn’t in any shape or form.

So it really, really needs to stop!

For example, this evening, rather than churning out pretty graphs, I could have been: hanging out with Don and Joe/Frank, starting the neck-band on Don’s interminable jumper, de-cluttering moar, organising our tax info, cooking a cake, fertilizing the garden, completing my current clive, plucking my eyebrows, forcing Joe/Frank to do his speech therapy homework, masking my face, napping, sewing a skirt, cleaning, poking myself in the eye … anything-ing other than working!

So I will be attempting to slacken off a bit and force myself to do walk away from the computer at 6pm.


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