punished for competence

Was going to post at length about how I walked out in fury the middle of a meeting with DishyBoss and TeamCareerDeath today because of the ridiculous disparity in workloads, but will save the sordid details for another time – primarily because I my mental health really doesn’t need a rehash.

After a protracted discussion afterward, things have been somewhat sorted. Although the disparity has not been addressed in any way at all, the 12+ weeks of work I was expected to fit into three weeks have been more realistically distributed – over 8 weeks. Whereas Anxious Mum still has approximately 2 weeks (allowing for several hours of phone calls and internet browsing per day) work between now and year end.

I don’t anticipate that this issue will not raise its ugly head again. Possibly before the end of the year because DishyBoss is mucho spineless and is really keen on inaction.

Perhaps I really do need to polish that resume.


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