Today Bessie and I made a brief foray into tackling the garage.

There were a good number of stuffed animals and many children’s books to be packed up (hopefully destined for new, loving homes) – though of course we saved our favourites. There was, inexplicably, a box containing a costume Joan wore to her work Xmas party 3 years ago. And, of course, there were several unused electrical items. There were also abundant university essays from 1996/97 (I am completely unclear why I was hanging on to those).

Once done, there will hopefully be a very pleasing amount of room, where we would love to put a freezer, but lacking a power-point (that we are able to find), at least room for one of those roof pods for GerryScotti’s camping adventures.

But best of all there were a stack of gorgeous mother’s day cards from past years (bundled carefully and wrapped to within an inch of their lives)- of course these were not going anywhere but upstairs to be enjoyed by everyone. We all agreed that while Joan’s and Bessie’s cards are awesome, the highlights are Joe/Frank’s.

Dear Mum,
I love you.
Thank You for [unintelligible] every fortnight.
From your loving son, Joe/Frank
PS. Where can I hide the Mothers Day card?
Dear Mum,
I here to say I <3 you. I love you because

  • You’re a great mother
  • You care for all the things that I do
  • You’re never cross on me
  • I’m asking you these questions as well:
    • How’s work___________
    • How’s the tipping going__________


What delightful sprogs I have!


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