i need you to hurry up now, cause i can’t wait much longer

As part of our lounge room renovation, we acquired a new television. Yes, we were all CRT forever, we don’t need no stinking flat screen!!1!eleventy!

But once we were forced, space-wise, to buy the LCD TV (henceforth: super_television), we were absolute converts, especially when we discovered we could plug an enormous external hard drive straight into him. Plus, he is so very, very pretty.

After collecting Bessie on Friday, we arrived home to find that Don had grabbed my hard drive with the very, very badly disorganised, but very, very vast music collection and plugged it into the super_television and amp and was rocking out.

Thus commenced the evening of family listening to music and very ordinary singing (and some air guitar). Don suggested afterward that it was akin to a ye-olde family sitting around the piano having a sing-along – which is exactly what it was, except that we are quite lacking in the piano and any ability to play same.

Super_television even shows the album art!

Tonight I dragged out the very, very old ipod, which, being sync’d to Gertrude the mac, we’d not backed up (long time readers may remember the music hard drive failure of 2008) and plugged it into the amp and proceeded to rock out to tunes we’d forgotten we had.

That is after I eventually remembered how to use an ipod! Golly the iPhone is easier (but holds so very much less – I do loathe having to curate my music collection!).


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