I am sitting here wrestling with a SaltMinesLimited report, trying to decided where I can put an extra dollar to correct a rounding error, so two total amounts, calculated differently, will reconcile.

DishyBoss being DishyBoss will not be at all happy with a “rounding differences” annotation. Things need to be bodgied to the cent (of course the bodying has a knock-on effect, because all the figures are interrelated).

I’m talking about one dollar in a total of ninety-four million dollars.

Don is in hysterics.


2 thoughts on “maths

  1. DishyBoss is hilariously, frustratingly persnickity about his methodology – because there is only ONE true way to do things. Focus on the $1 in $94,000,000 (and just gloss over the frequent $20K$50K holes).

    I consider it a huge deal that I have managed to have him accept reporting in whole percentages (rather than percentages with 4 decimal places).

    I told Anxious Mum that we have been ruined for other employers by his craziness. I love him to death, and he is one of my favourite people on earth, but really wish they would offer him a redundancy, he absolutely sucks as a manager.

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