Fortunately DishyBoss was in the office today, so after the initial catching up, I raised the possibility of a bit more flexibility with my hours – saying that my preferred option was working from home three afternoons a week. He was all about the flexibility, but said that while he was not opposed to it at all, he did not think ThePowersThatBe would come to the party re: the working from home.

I know SaltMinesLimited offers working from home options for parents with children under 5, so I pointed out that I didn’t see how this was much different to disabled child parenting. He agreed and said he’d raise it with ThePowersThatBe and see how went. Meanwhile, I did a little digging (which I probably should have done initially) and lo! The National Employment Standards say that flexibility should be considered for parents with children under 5 AND children under 18 with a disability (SaltMinesLimited had omitted the last part from our HR manual)! Armed with that information, DishyBoss had approval for me in less than 30 minutes.

Hurrah! It was much easier than I had hoped. I didn’t even need to get shouty.

Don is out at the quarterly EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkers love-fest/booze-up, so I had big plans to do a lot of *stuff* this evening.

Am on another wee decluttering frenzy and have been creating stacks of belongings/stuff/clutter all over the place for disbursement to St Vinnies/the footpath. I had planned to continue my very good work this evening, but honestly, it is amazing how utterly exhausted I am after just two days work (and I definitely eased back into it). I’m so very glad that I decided not to launch into a full week, it was all I could do to walk with Joe/Frank to get some Pad Thai for dinner without collapsing.

Despite my exhaustion, I did manage to make this lovely banner:

For my wonderful husband, who also had some rather good news today.

The banner is evidence of why one should not de-clutter too much – I’ve had that rick-rack for over 10 years, just waiting for such an occasion!


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