bad cook

Yesterday, being AFL grand final v2, I attempted a steak and kidney pie, which ended up going all sorts of awry.

Despite being the perfect weather for pastry making (cold and rains-ish) the pastry was an unmitigated disaster – even after putting my first effort aside and trying again. I think (hope) it was the flour (new) because I have never had this problem before.

In the end I had way, way, way too much grand final wine and needed to go and have a little sleep. Don and I agreed that the pie was going nowhere and it was best to look at it in the cold, hard light of a new day, so he and Joe/Frank ordered pizza and I had another little sleep.

Now, of course, I am trying very hard not to be down on myself and to see it all as a learning experience. Luckily it is raining in buckets today, so is even better pie weather and perhaps the filling will be even more yummy after having time to develop more flavour in the fridge overnight.

This evening, I’ll be enjoying way too many grand final cups of tea.


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