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Back to the SaltMinesLimited today after a month in absentia! Nooooooooooo!

There was all manner of flurry this morning when we realised that I had not reset the alarm clock from the blackout yesterday afternoon, so we were about 50 minutes behind the actual time. Oops. And then we had to make a mad dash to buy Joe/Frank a Travel 10 (bus ticket) – because we’re all pre-paid and he wanted to go to the beach.

After an uneventful bus journey and a small walk, which caused not inconsiderable pain, I arrived at SaltMinesLimited all ouchy to discover that DishyBoss was having a day off (darn – wanted to put my case for flexible hours!), my mobile drawers (containing ALL my rather personal stuff – glasses, speakers, stationery, tea, tampons!) had not been moved and were MIA (thanks Heather for eventually tracking them down because everyone else was utterly useless), my chair (multi-stickered with my name from various moves) was not my chair (who knows where that ended up!), I did not have a bin, my desk had a 5 degree tilt (amused ourselves by rolling items down it – I had to prop it up with a pair of thongs) and many other annoyances which now escape me.

But I settled in nicely and got to work on all the analysis my team was too stupid to do (yes, this should take 30 minutes, not 3 weeks – here you go).

And while the view might not be quite as stellar, at least I have a window.

And I am next to my Very Best Werk Pal (Heather) again.

Must find some sort of Zen in all this.



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