2010: day 263 (m) lasagne (coles)

Poor darling Joan had her wisdom teeth out earlier in the morning, so Don and I made an emergency dash to her place with comfort mashed potatoes and supplies from the supermarket.

I knew we’d be eating late-ish and did not want to stuff about with dinner when we got home, so it was:

Fresh lasagne from Coles!

Though unfortunately I forget which brand, it was surprisingly quite excellent (in contrast to the fresh lasagne from Harris Farm Market, which is rather a little dry and has nowhere near enough bechamel sauce). As (forgotten brand) were quite stingy with the grated cheese topping, we did add quite a lot of grated cheese (mostly parmesan + a wee bit of vintage tasty) to the top.

Cunningly, I preheated the oven before we left on the emergency dash which cut down the waiting-to-eat time quite a lot and was an excellent strategy I plan to repeat.


Heated by: Carol


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